Welcome to The Feminist Bookshop Library

We launched this initiative as a way to offer support to key workers and those that are especially vulnerable or out of work as a result of the crisis.  

We have a small collection of second hand books that we are making freely available to borrowers who meet these criteria and live in postcodes BN1-BN3.


How It Works 

Please send us an email at info@thefeministbookshop.com requesting access to the library.

Please state which of the three criteria for access (vulnerable, out of work or key worker) you meet.

We can then send a link showing which books are available and you can select up to three to borrow at once for up to two months.

We will deliver the books to your door and when you are ready to return them send us an email and we can arrange collection.

Once books are returned to us we will keep them in quarantine for 48 hours before releasing them to borrowers again.



Please note that we are offering this service to support others at risk or in difficulty, and we only have a limited number of books available. 

Please only use this service if you need to.

If you are in the fortunate position to be able to purchase books please do try to support us that way so that we can stay in business and support others.

Thank you so much

The Feminist Bookshop Team x