About The Feminist Bookshop

The Feminist Bookshop is a radical independent bookshop and plant-based coffee shop based in central Brighton. The shop opened in November 2019 following a successful crowdfunding campaign. 
The concept was born a couple of years ago when the bookshop's founder, Ruth, started running a feminist bookclub in living rooms around Brighton and Hove. Initially, Ruth was just looking to make some new friends and share a love of books about feminism, but the amazing community that grew out of it inspired her to take it to the next level - and convert her living room into a feminist bookshop!
The Feminist Bookshop seeks to build a community space, encouraging people to come together in a fun, inclusive and supportive space for open dialogue, discussion and debate. We are an intersectional, anti-racist, trans inclusive and LGBTQIA+ space and we actively work with charities and organisations to ensure the safety of these communities. 
At the bookshop we seek to support, celebrate and promote women, non-binary and marginalised writers, creatives and entrepreneurs in all that we do. We stock a range of books written by and about women, non-binary and marginalised people, host events and provide a space to talk about the issues that affect us – all while sipping delicious coffees sourced from an awesome women-owned business (shout out to Girls Who Grind).    
 Watch the video for our November 2019 crowdfunding campaign here:

Our Booksellers


Founder & Owner. She/Her.

Ruth is the founder, owner and manager of The Feminist Bookshop.  Could give most people a run for their money with how fast she gets through a book. Is an encyclopedia for all things feminism and is the very definition of a good human.

Ruth's Picks


Retail Supervisor. She/They.

Hollie is our go-to fiction bookseller, who can usually be found with her nose in a book or four (probably a queer love story, sci-fi horror or an ARC she has managed to source somewhere). When Hollie doesn't have her nose in a book, she is out hunting in charity shops for, yep you guessed it, more books.

Hollie's Picks


Bookseller. She/Her.

Salomée is our queen of poetry and translated literature. She is a passionate activist with a spiritualist soul and a soothing reading voice. She will guide you to the book your heart most requires, even if you don't know what that is yet.

Salomée's Picks