A Bookseller's top 5 reads of autumn 2022

by Hollie Juniper, November 2022

Autumn is probably my favourite season to curl up in bed with an excellent book. Old and new, literary and speculative, here are my top 5 reads of Autumn 2022.


The book I can't stop recommending!

A dark academia-historical epic exploring the power of language and translation in relation to privilege, colonialism and empire.

Scattered with footnotes, this meticulously well-researched novel is simultaneously an educational lesson in linguistics, an action-packed fight against colonialism, a tale of friendship, and a take down of empire.

Everyone should read this! My favourite of 2022.


This was a wild ride.

Set in the years leading up to the end of the world, Black Wave's protagonist, Michelle, navigates drugs, sex, queerness, and capitalism. This punky work of autofiction is both highly entertaining and endlessly thought provoking- reading this was like a breath of fresh air!


It's hard to believe that Ling Ma isn't psychic after reading this book and realising it was published BEFORE the Covid-19 pandemic.

Following Candace Chen, an unfulfilled Bible manufacturer at a morally-grey corporation, who finds herself one of few survivor's of an incurable pandemic that spreads across the globe. A realisation she comes to late as she is all too consumed by her capitalist duties to look around her.

This a truly unique apocolypse story - with its greatness stemming from its quietness, expertly exploring themes of capitalism, monotomy and nostalgia. A must read!

BY camila sosa villada
the queens of sarmiento park

One of the most creative, tender and joyful books I've read recently, The Queens of Sarmiento Park follows the lives of an ensemble of vibrant and colourful characters, most of whom are trans sex workers, who gather in Sarmiento Park at sunrise to gossip, giggle and search for their next trick. We follow the women back to their shared home, a refuge for the girls, run by larger-than-life Auntie Encarna who offers them safety, community and a found family.

This tragic yet beautiful novel, entrenched with magical realism and stunning prose, will dazzle you.


First of all, Cash Carraway is probably one of the most engaging non-fiction writers I've read in a while. These essays and slice-of-life chapters explore life on the poverty line in Britain, through anecdotes from Carraway's colourful life, ultimately serving as a rallying cry against austerity.

Carraway manages to discuss the harrowing realities of poverty with her signature comedic voice, resulting in a necessary, yet enjoyable piece of work - and one that becomes even more relevant each day.

Top 5 Autumn 2022 Reads

Thank you so much for reading. We would love to hear about your favourite Autumn reads in the comments below. Also, scroll down to check out our other blog posts and let us know what you'd like to read about in the coming months!

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