Les Fugitives

      An independent literary press based in London, Les Fugitives was founded in February 2014 by French translator Cécile Menon. It was inspired by a small number of authors, book-lovers and editor friends and began as an informal collective of benevolent contributors. Core contributors have included, among others such as Sophie Lewis, Jennifer Obidike and Daniella Shreir, whose role was more punctual: still life photographer Dominic Lee, fellow indie publisher Charles Boyle, literary editor Angeline Rothermundt and publishing assistant Ellen Dunsdon. Their contribution with cover designs, photography, typesetting, editing, proofreading, website development, and more, has been key to the press’s first few years. The idea to focus on French-language female authors came from a conversation with Max Porter. Thank you, Max. The colophon was designed by Ben Branagan.
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