*Women's Hospitals in Brighton and Hove

Brown, Val


In 1898, female doctors were a rare species. But, in that year, not one but two young female doctors, Helen Boyle and Mabel Jones, arrived in Hove and set up in general practice. A few years later Dr Louisa Martindale also set up practice in Brighton. By 1920, there were two Women’s Hospitals in Brighton and Hove.

This fascinating book traces the lives of those pioneering doctors and their work for women and children. It offers a unique blend of social, medial and local history, and uncovers a hitherto neglected story of courage and determination, set against the vivid backdrop of Edwardian Brighton, the First World War and the struggle for women to forge a place in public life.

Women’s Hospitals in Brighton and Hove will appeal to readers who have a localised interest in the history of Brighton and Hove, and those who enjoy a heartwarming, historical account of the rise of the female doctor.

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