The Well of Trapped Words

Kaygusuz, Sema


A sixty year-old man marries a teenage bride, then mysteriously begins to starve himself to death... ...A disenfranchised Kurdish girl finally fulfils her dream to dine out at the mall - where all is not as it seems... ...A local strongman is robbed and beaten by a gang. In hospital, he strives to prevent his secret insecurity being exposed; that inside his huge shoes he has tiny feet.

Bringing together the best of Sema Kagusuz’s short fiction for the first time, this debut English-language publication has themes of identity, race (and particularly the plight of ethnic minorities), family secrets, and what happens when private lives are opened in the public sphere. Outspoken and controversial, and yet with a deft lyrical touch that grasps the reader's emotions as well as their intellect, The Well of Trapped Words shows a writer at the peak of her powers.

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