Still Hot! : 42 Brilliantly Honest Menopause Stories

Kaye Adams


'We mustn't be scared of the menopause . . . I always say, Don't suffer in silence. Get help. There is help out there. There is understanding.' Lorraine Kelly

Every menopause has its own story. It's time we listened to them. The Big M - not to mention the Big Peri-M - is a subject reduced to whispers or the cheap laughs of a hot flush.

No one quite tells you the truth. No one prepares you for it. But now that silence is lifting.

So, let's be bold and wise; let's overshare. Let's rejoice as we step free of the menopausal closet. The menopause is not one story, but many and diverse .

. . and, whatever your experience, you are not alone.

Measured, rebellious, fierce and upfront, each of STILL HOT!'s 42 voices speaks straight from the heart.

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