A powerful collection of new poetry. Poetry as an outlet for past and present emotions, and future fears. Explores an amalgamation of feelings, experiences and desires through provocative and poignant language.

Soft tissue is that which supports, connects or surrounds other structures and organs of the body. Skin, muscle, nerves, ligaments, blood vessels, tendons. Soft Tissue is both fragile and brutal, a raw body of work layered in a multitude of emotions from immense joy, lust, fear, crippling loneliness, infatuation and loss.

A deep rumination on life and love; the tumultuous ups and downs, the ebb and flow, the fluctuating and oscillating feelings in every dynamic relationship. From euphoric beginnings, to broken ends; from the desperate desire for companionship to the liberation of being alone. This collection of poetry and prose is an exploration through various phases in life, suffering and recovery, growth and discovery.

Soft Tissue is love in all its nuances and heartbreak in its many forms. I am made up of held breaths And unspoken words Un-kissed skin that does not glow But burns within, longing, (from the poem Bone)

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