No Surrender

Maud, Constance


Written in 1911, No Surrender is a novel that epitomises the suffrage movement, giving voice to the women whose lives were swept up in the struggle.

‘A political novel cannot be successful without well-written characters: it is therefore also a love story between Jenny Clegg and the Independent Labour Party member Joe Hopton. And it is about powerful female friendship fostered through a common cause. But like most of the (surprisingly few) novels that emerged from the women’s suffrage movement, No Surrender’s importance comes from its documentation of social history; it is polemical but not without complexity; it accurately portrays the arguments of the anti-Suffragists alongside those of the heroines, and it is a passionate account, full of enthralling detail and political fervour.’  Lydia Fellgett, from the introduction to No Surrender

'A powerful and authentic social document of its time'  The Guardian

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