King and King

Haan, Linda De


A funny, tender, beautifully illustrated story with a different kind of fairy tale ending. The word of Danish author Linda de Haan and illustrator Stern Nijland, King and King is a modern classic.

The Crown Kitty and Friends Cordially Invite You to Celebrate a Royal Wedding

Reception to follow in the Royal Gardens…

…Bring Lots of Presents

On a mountain high above town, young Prince Bertie lives with his mother. Tired of being Queen, she is desperate to find Bertie a princess to marry so he can inherit the throne, so she scours the world, from Greenland to Mumbai, looking for a suitable bride but all Bertie says is “I’ve never cared much for princesses”.

It seems like the Queen is never going to find a suitable match for Bertie and then Princess Madeleine pays the court a visit, accompanied by her brother, Prince Lee. Has Bertie finally met his match?

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