Crazy for You: Breaking the Spell of Sex and Love Addiction

Crazy for You: Breaking the Spell of Sex and Love Addiction


For anyone who has wondered:

  • Why does everyone else seem to be able to make romantic relationships work, and I can't?
  • What's wrong with me?
  • Why is love so hard?

Psychologist and bestselling memoirist Kerry Cohen is all too familiar with the questions she often hears from her clients-and has asked herself. Even though sex and love are some of the most universal, sought-after experiences we have, many of us lack the tools and understanding to approach them in a healthy way. Without knowing it, many people struggling with sex and love actually fall somewhere on the spectrum of sex and love addiction (SLA).

Sex and love addiction is still wildly misunderstood. It's shrouded in secrecy and shame, and many counselors lack the training to address it-leaving people who need help without resources. Yet SLA isn't a binary of you are or you aren't, rather, it's a spectrum.

Kerry Cohen knows this all too well as both a therapist and someone who identifies on the SLA spectrum. Based on research and her own clinical experience, Crazy for You dives into SLA and provides an inclusive framework for understanding relationships, along with practical exercises and advice for self-assessment, discovery, and healing.

Part one explains the sex and love addiction spectrum, helping you determine where you fall on it and how you got there

Part two introduces strategies for breaking the spell of sex and love addiction, like behavior modifications and self-awareness techniques

Part three teaches you how to navigate healthy, safe, and fulfilling relationships

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