Hosting With Us

For In-Person Events

The Feminist Bookshop is a small independent store located in Brighton, UK. It has a capacity of 25-30 people. The bookshop is independently owned and there is a very small team behind it’s operation. Because of this, The Feminist Bookshop is only able to consider events that meet the following criteria:

The author / publisher and event itself subscribe to The Feminist Bookshop events policy

The speaker fees and/or expenses are covered by the publisher.*

The event fits around a particular theme or book that fits with the The Feminist Bookshop’s values and mission. 

What We Offer

The Feminist Bookshop are responsible for the operation, promotion, ticketing and box office of the event. This includes:

Setting up the event page on eventbrite and managing the guestlist.

Promoting the event (and book if applicable) on social media channels such as our Instagram (16.7k followers), Twitter and Facebook.

Setting up the room for the event, providing soft drinks for guests at the event and setting down the event. 

Buying stock of the book ready for the event.

We ask the publisher / event organiser to reach out to speakers to arrange the event line up. We also ask that they liaise with the speakers to obtain the relevant information for the event page (e.g. author bios) and to arrange travel and reimbursements. 

We ask the publisher to promote the event on their social media channels.


The Feminist Bookshop takes a ticket fee to cover the costs (rent hire, staffing costs, refreshments etc.), whilst making sure that the ticket price is accessible to as many people as possible. 

For events we offer a hybrid approach where guests can purchase in-person tickets or online admission over zoom. Online admission is low cost (around £3) and has a pay what you feel option. In person admission is set at a low cost (around £5-7). 


We recommend reading the Society of Author’s (SoA’s) guidelines on author fees and remuneration for events HERE

Our events follow SoA’s guidance that ‘bookshop appearances are generally part of a sales tour and fees are not usually paid’. However, we are aware of how difficult it is for authors at the moment and we do not want to host events that leave authors out of pocket. Therefore, we ask publishers that work with us to cover authors’ and event chairs’ expenses, travel and speaker fees. 

If for any reason it is not possible to arrange for author expenses to be covered in this way, please contact us on