Blind Spot: An Exploration and Education of Blindness PRE-ORDER

Maud Rowell



What do the blind actually see? How do they watch TV, read books, and cook meals? What does a guide dog do?

Two million people in the UK live with sight loss, many more worldwide, and yet the general population know so little about the day to day life of a blind person, their pre\-existing knowledge often rooted in ignorance. Blind people move through a world not designed with them in mind, from city planning to pop culture, and in BLIND SPOT, Maud Rowell challenges readers to think differently about what they may take for granted.

Maud breaks down her daily life including hobbies, studies, navigating transport, the world of work, and so much more. When it comes to blindness, people can often have many questions and few answers. In Blind Spot, Maud educates about the realities of living with sight loss, offering the knowledge they need to become better, more tolerant members of diverse communities.

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