Christmas gift guide - part 2

by The Feminist Bookshop Team, December 2022

Murder Mysteries

Or, for something a little grittier, check out our favourite murder mysteries that have you on the edge of your seat right up until the final reveal.

death in her hands

A new kind of murder mystery. Told with dark humour and visceral prose, Death in Her Hands is a mystery about obsession and the stories we tell ourselves, through the eyes of another one of Moshfegh's complex and unstable female protagonists.

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A Parisian lawyer and her husband find the perfect nanny for their children. But soon their idyllic domesticity is shattered, and paranoia, suspicion and jealousy take centre stage.

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All My Lies Are True

Dorothy Koomson is called the The Queen of the Big Reveal for a reason! This book will keep you guessing and on the edge of your seat til the very end in this thriller of love, obsession and control.

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Laugh Out Loud Kids Books

Want to spread the joy this Christmas? Here are some of our funny favourites, great alternatives for those that love series like Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

Beauty and the Bin

A hilarious and warm pre-teen novel about friendship, family, school, and being a young eco-warrior.

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Knights and Bikes

Best friend adventures. A pet goose sidekick. Quirky islanders. A treasure hunt. This will have you laughing out loud!

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Harriet versus the galaxy

A hilarious and heartfelt debut from multi-award winning, hearing aid wearing, comedian, actor and author Samantha Baines. The perfect gift for your pre-teen loved one.

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Adventure books for children

There so many incredible children's books about excitement and adventure out there, showcasing a wonderful variety of friendships and ways of being. Here are just a few of our faves.

akissi: tales of mischief

Akissi is a treat. A little adventurer, full of silliness and mischeif, follow her as she deals with thieving cats, pestering her brother, and so much more.

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clean up!

Join loveable Rocket as she sets off on an adventure to save her Carribbean Island from plastic pollution! An exciting, empowering and heartwarming way of engaging your children in climate activism.

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ada twist and the perilous pantaloons

Ada Twist must join forces with her best friends to solve a mystery. One question leads to another and before you know it they're off on an adventure of a lifetime!

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Comic Strips

the essential dykes to watch out for

Alison Bechdel published a strip of this lesbian-centred soap opera comic almost every week from 1983-2000. This edition collates them all into a readable, cohesive narrative. (Fun fact: this is where the Bechdel Test came from!)

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be gay do comics!

A mix of history, memoir and satire, this comic encapsulates the many variations of the queer experience.

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Biscuits consists of a series of vignettes into the lives of London women. You will fall in love with this colourful cast of characters as we're granted a window into their daily lives through gorgeous illustrations.

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Seasonal Romance

Love In winter wonderland

This is THE festive romance we've been waiting for. Love blossoms in the walls of a black bookshop. A loveletter to bookshops, an enemies-to-lovers feast, you will fall in love with these characters.

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A Royal Holiday

Flirty, festive and romantic, A Royal Holiday ticks all the boxes. When Vivian visits England with her daughter, she finds herself falling for the Royal Family's private secretary. Will she return to the U.S. or decide to continue the romance?

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last night at the telegraph club

This isn't explicitly a 'seasonal' book, but does take place monstly during the winter month's of 1950s San Francisco, so certainly feels like one! A sapphic coming of age romance following the studious daughter of Chinese immigrants during the height of the red scare.

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the anxious person's guide to non-monogamy

Entering a non-monogamous relationship can be daunting, but Lola Phoenix is here to hold your hand through it! Both a non-monogomy how-to guide and a manual for great communication and self-love.

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zero waste home

Looking towards a more waste-free lifestyle? Your home is a great place to start. Let Bea Johnson guide you as she offers both tips and tricks, but also reflects on how her life has changed for the better by adopting a zero-waste lifestyle.

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running like a girl

A life affirming and joyful memoir about running... but also not. This is about liberation, mental health and self-acceptance, and from a fellow Brightonian!

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witchy historical fiction

the mercies

A vicious storm kills all the islands' men. Left behind, the women of Vardo take charge. Little by little independence builds, community is formed, a forbidden sapphic romance blooms. Until the accusations begin.


the manningtree witches

'England, 1643. Puritanical fervour has gripped the nation.' The Manningtree Witches is meticulously researched, addictive, and home to the most dazzling prose you'll ever read.


the lighthouse witches

A lighthouse sits in the Scottish Highlands, abandoned after a gruesome history of witchtrials. Centuries later, people of the island are vanishing, and all roads lead to the mysteries of the lighthouse. THE witchy ghost story of the year.


introduction to poetry

bless the daughter raised by a voice in her head

In this gut-wrenching collection, Warsan Shire explores themes of migration, womanhood, trauma, and healing. You will not be the same person when you close this book.

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the girl and the goddess

Meet Paro. A girl with a strong will, a full heart and much to learn. Born into a family reeling from the ruptures of Partition, follow her as she crosses the precarious lines between childhood, teenage discovery and realising her adult self. Lyrical, full of Hindu Mythology and intimate. A must read.

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she must be mad

This poetry collection explores coming of age: Charly Cox captures the formative experiences of today's young women from the poignant to the prosaic in writing that is at once witty, wry and heartfelt.

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introduction to feminism

feminism, interrupted

This is our go-to 'Intro to Feminism' recommendation at the bookshop. Olufemi guides you through the key challenges facing intersectional feminism today - in a way that is both thorough and incredibly accessible.

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feminisms: a global history

Looking for an overview of the history of feminism? Or just want to know more about feminism outside of whiteness and the Western world? Look no further.

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bad feminist

A must read for any feminist - this is a collection of funny and insightful essays tracking Gay's experiences of being a 'Bad Feminist'. Tackling culture, identity, race, and ultimately asking how we can always strive for a better future.

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the decolonial feminist

a decolonial feminism

Feminism meeting all the intersections: an urgent read if you seek to dismantle capitalism, colonialism, and decentre the white and euro-centric narratives.

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Indigenous women and feminism

Indigenous scholars, activists, artists and community organizers come together to discuss the politics of feminism within indigenous culture. A must read!

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against white feminism

Rafia Zakaria expertly explains what exactly white feminism is, why it's important and why we must end it. Personal, provocative, and most of all, very persuasive.

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for the person who's read everything

Feminist Journal

If your bookish loved one likes to write as well as read, why not get them a journal? We have a bunch of different journals and notepads on offer - but this Feminist notebook is sweet and simple.

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personalised gift box

Grab a personalised gift box and our booksellers will curate a tailored box based on the short description you leave for us :)

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some tfb merch

Prints, tote bags and tshirts- why not treat your book-loving loved one to some of our gorgeous merch!

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Christmas Gift Guide Part 2

Thank you so much for reading. We would love to hear about your gift recommendations or trickiest gift decisions to make in the comments below. Also, scroll down to check out our other blog posts and let us know what you'd like to read about in the coming months!

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